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Recruitment and selection refers to the chain and sequence of activities pertaining to recruitment and selection of employable candidates and job seekers for an organization. Every enterprise, business, start-up and entrepreneurial firm has some well-defined employment and recruitment policies and hiring procedures.


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The human resources department of large organizations, businesses, government offices and multilateral organizations are generally vested with the responsibilities of employee recruitment and selection.

Graphic Design

Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), web sites, publications (magazines, newspapers, and books), advertisements and product packaging.For example, a product package might include a logo.


Composition is one of the most important features of graphic design, especially when using pre-existing materials or diverse elements. A Buddhist scripture printed in 868 is the earliest known printed book

Resources: Fundamentals of Small Business Information Security


As the web design progressed, the markup language changed to become more complex & flexible, giving the ability to add objects like images and tables to a page. Features like tables, which were originally to be used.

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With the advent of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), table-based layout is commonly regarded as outdated. Database integration technologies...

Planning documentation

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As times change, websites are changing the code on the inside and visual design on the outside with ever-evolving programs and utilities.

Compatibility and restrictions

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Early web design was less integrated with companies’ advertising campaigns customer transactions, extranets, intranets and social networking. Web sites were seen largely as static

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  • The HR department charts out the macro or long-term human development strategy.

  • hese are carefully intertwined with the long-term corporate objectives.

  • Top management also gives valuable input and makes suggestions expectations.