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Specialized recruiters exist to seek staff with a very narrow specialty. ecause of their focus, these firms can very often produce superior results due to their ability to channel all of their resources into networking for a very specific skill set. This specialization in staffing allows them to offer more jobs for their specific demographic which in turn attracts more specialized candidatesrom that specific demographic over time building large proprietary databases.

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These niche firms tend to be more focused on building ongoing relationships with their candidates as is very common the same candidates are placed many times throughout their careers. Technology research firms such as Gartner and IDC provide lists that are only available for a fee. Both their rankings are made according to sales revenues. A few retail data banks, like Samuledic sell lists of the most popular prepackaged software.

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These firms are the new hybrid firms in the recruitment world able to combine the research aspects of recruiting and combine them with the ability to make hires for their clients. These firms provide competitive passive candidate intelligence to support companies' recruiting efforts. Normally they will generate varying degrees of candidate information from those people currently engaged in the position a company is looking to fill.

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Many times this uncovers names that cannot be found with other methods and will allow internal recruiters the ability to focus their efforts solely on recruiting. "Onboarding" is a term which describes the process of helping new employees become productive members of an organization. A well-planned introduction helps new employees become fully operational quickly and is often integrated with a new company and environment.