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Attention all San Ramon Middle School and High School Students!  The City of San Ramon is looking for a dynamic piece of art that represents the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival, and is conducting a contest to choose this artwork to be used for the 2011 San Ramon Art & Wind Festival. The contest is open to all San Ramon middle school and high school students. The winning piece of artwork will be featured on festival posters, postcards and t-shirts.  It will also be framed and hung in one of the Community Centers in San Ramon.  The student who created the winning art work will also receive a $200 savings bond. The second place winner will receive a $100 savings bond and the third place winner will receive a $50 savings bond.  Prizes are provided by the San Ramon Arts Foundation.

What we do :

 As we move into the holiday season I would like to thank students, staff, parents and community members for their support.  Your commitment to our school enriches the learning environment for students and staff.  I hope you and your student are enjoying the relationships that have been established with staff members on campus. 

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