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Welcome to the Christ School website. Our site allows you to explore all areas of school life and become better acquainted with the Christ School experience. As you navigate around our website, please try and envision yourself as a student here and identify specific areas of school life where you feel you would fit and make a contribution. Located in the mountains of beautiful western North Carolina, Christ School offers opportunities for boys in the classroom and on our 500-acre wooded campus complete with streams, a lake, and trails for hiking or mountain biking. Although our website is informative and thorough, it cannot replace visiting campus, sitting in on classes, and meeting our faculty and students. Indeed, it is the faculty and students who make Christ School different from other schools.

What we do :

 Christ School is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, yet open to all faiths. You can see for yourself that religion is one of the main pillars upon which this school has been built. The Chapel is both the spiritual and physical center of campus. Finding your place within a tradition of faith will strengthen your confidence and ability to ask tough questions about God and man.

Discover yourself. Go ahead. Ask the tough questions. Look into your soul to realize that -- along with fellow students -- you are on a spiritual journey. Through traditional worship and informal groups, you will explore your ideas and hear those of others. The Chaplain is a guiding presence who encourages you to tap into the depth of your own spirituality.

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