Sales Management Schools: How to Choose

The study of sales management prepares students to apply financial skills, utilize business strategies and assume positions of leadership in a multitude of industries, including retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and real estate industries. Programs are available across many levels of education including certificate and associate degree programs. Bachelor's programs in sales management are also available; however, they are rare.


Schools and Classes for Aspiring Nannies: How to Choose

Nannies work in private homes and take care of all responsibilities related to childcare. Some nannies are independent contractors, while others work through an agency. Their typical responsibilities include planning and preparing meals, dressing the children and doing laundry and, perhaps most importantly, developing and engaging in games and educational activities with children. Several classes and credentials are available to aspiring nannies.


Schools for Aspiring Administrative Assistants: How to Choose

Administrative assistants commonly work in an office setting and are primarily responsible for organization and data-entry duties utilizing computer skills. Though postsecondary education may not be required, certificate and associate degree programs are available for students interested in furthering their education and gaining an edge in the job market.


Schools for Aspiring Authors: How to Choose

Authors provide content for websites, journals, company newsletters or work as editors for publishing companies. Colleges and universities across the U.S. offer associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in creative writing.