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Gift your skin Bluekaya services for long lasting skin beauty. Who will not have the desire to look beautiful? We all want to be the cynosure and look stunning among a crowd.

Young girls spend lots of money and energy on choosing their products - all with the hope to look beautiful.

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06th Nov 2009

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Its MeBeauty presents a standard of comparison, and it can cause resentment and dissatisfaction when not achieved. People who do not fit the "beauty ideal" may be ostracized within their communities.

The television sitcom Ugly Betty, portrays the life of a girl faced with hardships due to society's unwelcoming attitudes toward those they deem unattractive. However, a person may also be targeted for harassment because of their beauty. Although ugliness is normally viewed

Researchers have found that good looking students get higher grades from their teachers than students with an ordinary appearance. Furthermore, attractive patients receive more personalized care from their doctors. Studies have even shown that handsome criminals receive lighter sentences than less attractive convicts.

My Mission

It is possible to be in an "ugly mood," which is a temporary, internal state of unpleasantness. A beautiful woman is forced into poverty by the women of the community who refuse to give her work.

Although ugliness is normally viewed as a visible characteristic, it can also be an internal attribute. For example, an individual could be outwardly attractive but inwardly thoughtless and cruel.


"Results that are logically correct but involve laborious calculations, over-elaborate methods, very conventional approaches"


The most intense experience of mathematical beauty for mathematicians comes from engaging in mathematics. It is very difficult to enjoy or appreciate mathematics in purely passive way.

Some degree of delight in the manipulation of numbers and symbols is probably required to engage in any mathematics. Given the utility of mathematics in science and engineering, it is likely that any technological society will actively cultivate these aesthetics.


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