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Social Media

Building Brand with Social Media Five steps to establishing a credible online presence for your small business.

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Online Video Advertising is Soaring According to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, online advertising revenue increased 14 percent...

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5 Jan. Posted by Benson in Social Media | 3 comments

Social Networking Picks Up Steam on a Global Level

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It was no Surprise that Social Networking has been rocketed in the United States--the country where it all began (thanks, eBay). However, is how widespread the use of social networking sites and platforms has become on a global scale is what Surprising to some. And its Amazing , for instance, that of Facebook's reported 600 million-plus registered users, 80 percent live outside the United States?If you conduct business abroad and social media plays a role in your business-communication strategy, these figures should be discussed with anyone in your organization responsible for international sales and your marketing team.